21 July 2012

July 2012
design presentations by co+laboradović students

At Keio, we are trying to improve the quality of teaching in the fields of architecture and urbanism. In spring semester 2012, co+labo students were, thus, involved in three exciting studios. These pictures bring some of the atmosphere from their interim and final presentations.

IKI Masters project - Miyatojima
Sejima Kazuyo (studio leader), Bill Galloway, Kobayashi Hiroto and Darko Radović
Studio B Masters project: Sou Fujimoto (studio leader)
examination panel: Jorge Almazán, Darko Radović (coordinator), Kishimoto Tatsuya (TA Komatsu Katsuhito)

Seizu III UG Project: Jorge Almazán, Darko Radović (coordinator), Kishimoto Tatsuya 
examination panel: Harada Masahiro, Heide Imai, Salvator-John Liotta, JA, KT, DR

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