11 September 2018

co+labo radović  the new season of intensive co+labo international workshops has started 
This year co+labo continue its practice of contribution to carefully selected design and design-research workshops. In September 2018, co+labo members participated in several intensive events in Japan, the UK and at the Adriatic islands of Vis and Lastovo in Croatia. The grand finale will be at the Architecture Biennale in Venice. To begin with, just a brief note - those workshops do interrupt another important activity (see below) ... as before ...
co+labo undergraduates - Iwata Amami, Kawamoto Jumpei, Nishibori Shinichi and Shigemura Hiroki have arrived to the city of Split, for what has since 2011 become a regular, annual introduction to the beauty and challenges facing the original, Mediterranean urbanity, before heading towards Vis and a mini-Symposium aimed at setting the agenda for future Anatomy of Islands workshops, and more.  
Below - an impromptu lecture at the famous Peristil, the very place form which the Emperor Diocletian used to address his army and the people, and a ferry departure to Vis, against the backdrop of one of the most impressive urban vedutas.

co+labo radović New Issa - a World Centre for Island Life and Cultures mini-Symposium 1  
The Vis 2018 Symposium, was conceptualised as an heuristic, intellectual dérive into the future of islands in general. The original idea of the World Centre for Island Life and Cultures was introduced by the founder and intellectual leader of the AnatomyBoško BudisavljevićBesides co+labo, Keio University Professors Darko Radović and Akira Mita, and Professor Davisi Boontharm (Meiji University), the participants of the mini-Symposium include staff and students from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, L'ENSA Paris-Val de Seine and a number of independent contributors.
co+labo radović  co+labo students took part and awarded @ Ise Workshop in Mie, Japan  
Daisuke Kobayashi and Takuomi Samejima have completed participation in a week-long architectural workshop in Ise city in Mie prefecture which focused at designing and building a 3x3x3 meters big folly besides the famous Ise Shrine. co+labo students joined two groups, each of which was composed of five students from several Japanese Universities. With their folly, which was composed of two torii gates facing Geku and Naiku Shrines (above) Kobayashi-san's team has won the Second Prize. Congratulations to Daisuke-san and others (with a Diploma, on the photo below).

Samejima san’s team's folly, which took task to express anima, a Japanese spiritual word used for expressing the power of objects (see a fragment, below), has received very good comments and recognition.

co+labo radovićco+labo  @  Loughborough University Food+Wood Apple Store Workshop
From Ise, Takuomi Samejima was joined by Norimi Kinoshita at the Food+Wood Apple Store lu-arc summer school, which is being held at the Loughborough University Campus.

A very interesting project was initiated and organised by an old co+labo friend and associate, Dr Maytas Gutai and besides the host university and Keio participants include staff and students from Faculty of Architecture from the University of Belgrade and Kyushu University, School of Design.

In line with co+labo values, the invitation reminds how "architects are as much as builders of a communities than buildings, even if this aspect of our profession is often neglected in architecture education. The intention of the 1st lu-arc summer school is therefore to construct an apple store that will be more than a material and fabrication experiment but also a community based and enhancing design: a space that stays with us in campus after the workshop and engage with local community of the university and Loughborough. ... 

co+labo radović Temporal Communal Networks workshop started at the Island of Lastovo 
Focusing at the notion of common good, Anatomy of Islands 2018 workshop opens with a number of questions related to island community affiliations, the contents of common good, conditions under which it can be used and the best ways to act upon that. The islands make interesting places to address such themes. Due to their many limitations, island societies have always been associated with collaborative and flexible models of use of local resources, balanced with permanent and temporary migrations which require constant reconsideration and reconstruction of the concepts of community and common. Their firm physical boundary gets conditioned by softer, dynamic internal boundaries, which results in complex, fluid definitions of sites and networks. All of that is in the focus of this design-research workshop. The workshop operates in an interesting, innovative format, led by a strong international team of mentors of different cultural and expert profiles: Ana Jeinić (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Diana Magdić, Mariana Bucat (Croatia), Elisabeth Luggauer (Austria),  Toshiki Hirano, Satoshi Sano (Japan) and Saša Ostan (Slovenia). Students are from University of Tokyo (Kengo Kuma Laboratory) and Keio University, Tokyo (co+labo radović) - which participate in various design-research workshops along the Adriatic coast since 2011.
The Anatomy of Islands 2018 introductory lectures were delivered by Professors Nenad Starc,  Davisi Boontharm, Darko Radović and a geographer Sean Turner.
Those will be followed by additional lectures by some of the mentors - sociologist Diana Magdić, ethnographer Elisabeth Luggauer  and architects Satoshi Sano, Toshiki Hirano and Saša Ostan. 

co+labo students at Lastovo are Sanja Zonja, Amami Iwata, Jumpei Kawamoto, Shinichi Nishibori and Hiroki Shigemura.

14 August 2018

co+labo radović       a competition award to co+labo's Aki Suzuki and Daisuke Kobayashi    
co+labo's team composed of our Double Degree Graduate Akitaka Suzuki and final year Masters student Daisuke Kobayashi have won the award at the 3rd Yokohama Street Furniture Competition “3 街を楽しくするストリートファニチャーデザインコンペティション”. An important feature of this competition series which focuses on making open spaces of the city of Yokohama more enjoyable is that the winning schemes get built. Aki-san's and Daisuke-san's project will be realised mid-November, at the prestigious location in front of Kenzo Tange's Yokohama Museum.
They summarise their aim as creating an unique experience, a mini-environment which would enable the residents and visitors to feel the dynamic mix which makes the existing urban fabric of Yokohama and enhance an awareness of immersion and interaction with the city, its spaces, amenities and fellow citizens around them. 
Suzuki-san explains how, inspired by impressive reflections of Yokohama on the surface of the sea, they proposed a table with reflective top and, through careful modifications of its height and the layout of holes (below), replaced the view of the ground with a dynamic, ever-changing spectacle of movement of the clouds, people and simple objects placed on the table. The project beautifully encapsulates a number of key co+labo principles.
The proposal passed the first screening in June, and on 28 July, was qualified as one of the winners after the public presentation in Yokohama Creative-city Centre in Minatomirai.

22 July 2018

co+labo radović                                                          from co+labo margins, these days >>>>   
While Comprehensive Design Workshop Exhibition is still open in Raiosha, some activities at the margins of our laboratory point at possible new projects, the excitements to come ... (and - we might be able to report more about that soon).

co+labo radović       Fumihiko Maki's Special Keio Architecture Lecture @ CDW Exhibition    
(a photo report only; an update to follow shortly) 

co+labo radović         A System Design Graduation Competition 2018 @ CDW Exhibition        
(an update to follow)

co+labo radović    Comprehensive Design Workshop Keio Architecture Exhibition Opening   
(an update to follow)