23 November 2020

 co+labo radović  TAUD 2O2O guest lecture 8+9: Komatsu+Midori Aoyama & Ryoko Iwase  

The series of TAUG 2O2O guest lectures ends with final two talks.
co+labo alumnus Katsuhito Komatsu and Midori Aoyama of Fukei.Inc will talk about Integration of Scene and Architecture. They summarise: "
We aim to create architecture from the unique landscape of the land. We believe that every site has its own unique landscape and context, and by launching architecture from it, projects have an inherent uniqueness that can only be found in that location. The context is a complex mixture of several elements, from which we extract elements of greater design strength and incorporate them into the design. Sometimes that element may be a sequence,  material, or a light environment. We believe that our design is unique to the land when we arbitrarily find elements in the context of the land.We learned this method from our mentor, Kengo Kuma. While working at Kuma Architects, we learned to experiment with many materials such as wood, aluminium, and paper, and to work with the engineers we collaborated with to incorporate the culture and technology of the region into our architecture. Oshima also studied Italian villas as part of her study to read the local context. Villas are not designed by themselves, but by keeping in mind the relationship between urban symbols (e.g., the cupola in Florence) and other villas and the sequence of views." In this presentation, Komatsu and Oshima-san will share some of that research with and also explain three architectural projects (above and left) - design based on the materials, views and activities of the land, where each of the projects is completely different in site, size and program.A very special lecture was left for the end of TAUD 2O2O series - Ryoko Iwase, of Studio Iwase who was co+labo associate and technical secretary in one of our most exciting research and research projects - Mn'M Measuring the non-Measurable 2011-14. Ryoko-san will use her riverside walkway project in Osaka (below) to present and discuss her approach to design and sources of inspirations.


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