30 March 2014

co+laboradović        BUSY MARCH 2 - the beginning of collaboration with Gehl Architects 
the key meetings during the Measuring the non-Measurable - Mn'M tour were conducted at the Gehl Architects office in Copenhagen. Long discussions, conducted over the last several years in Tokyo and Copenhagen were crowned by an agreement to start an active collaboration and open the project Quality of open urban spaces in East and South East Asia. The work of  GehlLaboRadović will be coordinated from the Gehl Architects, Copenhagen and co+laboradović, Tokyo offices.

from discussions in Copenhagen
Gehl Archietcts team: Jan Gehl, Helle Søholt, David Sim, Vannesa Ahuactzin, Birgitte Bundesen Svarre Ewa Westermark
co+labo team: Darko Radović, Davisi Boontharm

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