01 July 2014

co+laboradović   Antonella, grazie e ... arrivederci!  
Antonella Colistra, our first exchange student from Politecnico di Milano's ABC, has completed her semester at co+labo Radović. She is going back to Polimi, to complete and defend her Masters Thesis in September. During her short three months at Keio, Antonella's contribution to various co+labo activities was great. She was involved in our urban research cupboard fieldwork sessions, organisation of the Urban Quality Symposium, co+labo Hokkaido Barn House design team and participated in a number of other activities. She was a great ambassador of Politecnico di Milano and her Professor, Marco Imperadori, the Vice-Rector for the Far East, and at Keio she leaves a number of new, good friends.

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