15 June 2015

co+labo radović     Milica Muminović+University of Canberra at co+labo   

Over the last two weeks of June, co+labo will be hosting the team from University of Canberra, and conducting joint urban investigation project – another dérive in Tokyo. 
This visit is very special for us, as Australian team is headed by co+labo's own Dr Milica Muminović, who has obtained her PhD at Keio in 2013. Milica’s students add value and another cultural layer to our ongoing, Debordean investigations of the urban. Together, will be exploring spaces and practices of everyday life of Tokyo which are, for some of the team members, ordinary, while for others - truly extraordinary, and enjoying the moments of various encounters with the Other
We hope that this project only opens another page in our collaboration with universities and schools of architecture and urban design from Darko's Land Down Under.

Milica's poster, below, is illustrated with images from an old Tokyo dérive, conducted with Davisi Bontharm's students from the National University of Singapore in 2010

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