18 July 2015

co+labo radović   exchange students from PoliMi completed their studies at co+labo  
Silvia Spallina and Salvatore Nastasi, students from Politecnico di Milano who have joined co+labo at the beginning of 2015, completed their studies at Keio University. They followed the steps of our first exchange students, Antonella Colistra and Sasamura Yoshiro, and gave an excellent contribution to our efforts to further internationalise and advance the level of studies of architecture and urban design at co+labo. In autumn the strategic partnership between Keio-PoliMi will be elevated to include Double Degree studies, when co+labo Suzuki Akitaka joins ABC programme at Lecco.
During their time at Keio, Salvatore and Silvia were involved in a number of co+labo activities, including SD design Studio Radović, design and research projects, Tokyo dérive with University of Canberra, and research trip to the Barn House, at Memu Meadows. Their hard work and positive energy will be fondly remembered and - they stay co+labo. 

Images from the co+labo Minami Sanriku Bridge Competition entry, the quality of which was a result of Silvia's, Salvatore's and Magome Aymu's excellent work. 

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