30 September 2015

co+labo radović                    co+labo @ Anatomy of the Islands ... 4th time  ... report 3           
Anatomy of the Islands design-reserach Workshop has finished on 26 September, with public presentation and discussion. Students from Graz, Ljubljana, Split, Tokyo and Vienna, who were organised in seven groups, presented their ideas how to deal with the problems of depopulation and excessive mass tourism, and spatial projections of other, more environmentally and culturally responsible ways of synthesis between global challenges and local resources - at the example of the Island of Vis, its two beautiful towns, agricultural hinterland and the pristine coast.
For last two days, Keio team was joined by Tetsuo Kondo, an exciting young architect, a regular contributor to co+labo. 

(fragments from some of the final Anatomy of Islands presentations)

co+labo students Magome, Narumi, Sato, Tajima and Yamamori continued their journey and on the way back visited Barcelona. Jaume Carné, an excellent urbanist from the Catalan capital and Darko's old friend, gave them a very special tour, combining some of the regular sites which he shows those who join his excellent BiciCulturaBCN tours with useful feedback and advice about their own investigations of urban quality at co+labo

(BCN bike tour, BiciCulturaBCN - warmly recommended by co+labo to all who love cities, urban culture, architecture and Barcelona, and its passionate mind and heart - Mr Jaume Carné)

The other two co+labo students decided to stay at the Balkans, Carolina exploring the Adriatic Coast in early Autumn and Vedrana doing some PhD fieldwork in her Bosnia.   

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