06 October 2015

co+labo radović      co+labo's enigmatic cloud emerges at the skies of Yagami Campus        
As reported at this blog on 19 July, a team of co+labo Masters and undergraduate students has won Keio University Hiyoshi Art and Performance Project - HAPP Competition 2015. Over the last two months, the idea of In the Cloud - on the Cloud pavilion has gone through rigorous design development and expert consultations, which included a number of 1:1 scale tests. As the opening date is getting close, so the co+labo cloud starts to take its final shape and slowly emerge at the skies above Yagami. After the remaining several experiments with contextualisation and adaptiation to the site, the pavilion will have its inaugural appearance at the Hiyoshi Campus Autumn Festival, organised by Keio Research Center for the Liberal-Arts with an aim to facilitate communication between the University and its broader community.

The Cloud will be used in co+labo urban research projects.

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