05 November 2015

co+labo radović            Anatomy of Islands exhibition, with co+labo works, in Paris              
Anatomy of Islands exhibition, which summarises the work produced for and during the first three Symposia and design-reserach Workshops (2012-14) at the Adriatic island of Vis , opens on 17 November in Paris, at the University Paris - Val de Seine. co+labo participated in this fascinating event since its beginning, advancing our research in quality of spatial experiences; alternative, culturally sustainable (tourism) development patterns and, most recently, Smart Islands, and contributing to thinking about the future of Vis, and other beautiful, endangered environments.
Over the years, co+labo was joined in Vis by Kengo Kuma Laboratory (University of Tokyo, which took part in all Anatomy Symposia and workshops conducted so far), Keio academics (Professors Mitsukura, Mita, Kobayashi), colleagues (Kazuyo Sejima, David Sim, Jose Puppim de Oliveira, Tetsuo Kondo) and others.
co+labo friends, f you happen to be in Paris anytime 17-27.11.2015 - visit our exhibition and let us know how was it.

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