15 November 2015

co+labo radović    intense November: Gehl's+Bologna+Beirut@Keio+everything: snaps 4,5,6 
November and December co+labo pitch continues. On 12.11, an inspirational Luisa Bravo's lecture which brought forward often neglected political dimensions of the urban on which co+labo keenly insists,  was followed by research presentations of co+labo associates (Jessica Pineda, UNU), PhD (Paula Jaen, Vedrana Ikalović and Marco Capitanio) and Masters students Roxane Czarnobroda and Tomotake Miyagaki) and rich discussion.

On Wednesday, Simone Garagnani and Luisa Bravo have been taken to the sites of some of co+labo research projects - Kitajukken (Simone, Luisa, Sato, Vedrana, Ito, Yamaguchi-san/Mitsukura Lab) ..

... and Kikuzaka (Simone, Luisa, Davisi, Darko, Vedrana, Marco, Sato, Ito, Vitor, Yamaguchi-san) ...

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