27 December 2015

co+labo radović     2015@co+labo ends with bonenkai - the end of the year party at Harajuku 
The end of the year at co+labo was, as always, marked by traditional Japanese bonenkai which, translated literally, means forget-the-year-party. But, in and around our laboratory, in 2015 there was a lot to remember. Last year was full of events, the intensity of which we hope to see flowing into the New Year - successful international workshops and symposia, award-winning architectural and urban design competitions, fresh ideas coming from an intensified exchange at both student and staff levels, new research projects - all of which combined made our dream about strong international architecture and urban design programme feel closer to reality than ever before. For us, the end of the year gathering was, thus, a please-do-not-forget-this-year-party, an opportunity for current co+labo members, graduates and associates to get together and to welcome a group of new Keio undergraduates who will be joining co+laboradović in 2016: Morimoto Mei, Mikogami Mayuko, Takasu Yukie, Kobayashi Daisuke, Onishi Keitaro and Yamashita Shohei. Special guests were co+labo's Kira Horie, who is now doing her Masters ar Harvard GSD, and Akitaka Suzuki, a first Keio-Politecnico di Milano Double Degree student in the field of architecture and urban design. 

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