07 September 2016

co+laboradović  co+labo@Inujima - design and making workshop with Kazuyo Sejima 
When the semester ended, following the initiative by Kazuyo Sejima, co+labo joined Seika University from Kyoto, to conduct an experimental design and making workshop at the island of Inujima, in the Japanese Inland, Setouchi Sea.
The workshop was organised by Suo Takashi, a staff member at SANAA and Seika, a Keio graduate in architecture.
The workshop included various 1:1 checks of the roof which is being designed at SANAA, and explorations of its impact on broader context of the proposed building.

This workshop was also testing some of the organisational ideas for International Keio Summer School of Architecture at the same location, the possibility of which is being explored by Sejima and Darko
We will keep you posted ...     

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