24 November 2016

co+laboradović  co+labo fieldwork with Gehl's, Urban Renaissance and Open_A in Kanda - 1 
This week co+labo joined our strategic partner's Gehl from Copenhagen, in an urban research workshop in Kanda, Tokyo. As on a number of occasions before, co+labo students are involved in data collection and urban design exercises headed by our associate and Gehl's Creative Director David Sim, which aim to both improve the  quality of open spaces in that part of Tokyo and help raise general awareness about the importance of public space in urban life. This workshop is hosted and organised by Urban Renaissance Agency, and conducted in collaboration with Open-A Ltd. This is just an opening notice. After the initial two days and an interruption by Danish weather (snow in Tokyo on 24 November!), on Friday 25 November co+labo mobile research pavilion, our urban cupboard gets out to the streets of Kanda, to help David and the team achieve Gehl quality work - and even more than that. The updates will be posted soon.

P.S. co+labo's Associate Davisi Boontharm edited the Thai version of Jan Gehl's seminal book Cities for People, the publication of which coincided with his 80th birthday.
 幸せな誕生日 Jan!!

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