27 November 2016

co+laboradović  Keio's Japanese Pavilion/Tea House - a Sleeping Beauty at the Island of Vis   
Boško Budisavljević, founding President of the Anatomy of Islands organisation e-mailed us a series of photos showing calm beauty of the dormant Japanese Tea House. The Pavilion was designed and built by Keio's Kobayashi Lab and co+laboradović, with generous support of Politecnico di Milano's ABC programme, University of Ljubljana, local authorities and various stakeholders from the beautiful, 2,500 thousand years old town of Vis.

The Pavilion was constructed during the final, fifth Anatomy of Islands Symposium and Workshop in September 2016, as Keio's thank you for five years of hospitality and as a token of hope for the proposed Smart Island Communities project.  
The shutters of the Tea House are temporarily closed, protecting its fragile openings and interior. It waits for better weather and more activities directed towards better thinking, making and living of the island of Vis. In 2016, the Anatomy Workshop used moving images to present some fresh ideas about such, different, more sustainable and better future.

Click here to can join the Anatomy cinema audience and watch the movies.

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