02 November 2017

co+labo radović  co+labo students at the SANAA Workshop on the Setouchi island of Inujima 
This year, as in 2016 co+labo was invited to take part in Sejima Kazuyo's  workshop at the island of Inujima. Besides Keio there were, again, the students of Politecnico di Milano and Nagoya Institute of Technology. Due to the peak of our intensive research programme at Yagami, this time co+labo was represented by only two, but two hard-working members
Ishii Yumi and Wang Yijia (with Sejima-san, left). The theme of the Workshop, in charge of which was Furuya Takayuki,  was the renovation of an old Sewing Machine Factory - in 1:1 scale. That included the cleaning of wooden structural frame, plywood structure reinforcement, cedar-panelling of the exterior walls - and more (including Sejima-san's own landscape painting session!; below right). As always, a rich co+labo experience worth living! 

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