04 May 2018

co+labo radović   co+labo's graduate explains the importance of study abroad experience 
Current issue of AIJ - Architectural Institute of Japan magazine, focusing at the importance of studies abroad for education and architectural and urban design in Japan, features an essay by co+labo's graduate Sotaro Miyatake. In 2015, Miyatake-san has undergone an intensive internship at Gehl in Copenhagen (where Darko is a member of the Team of Urban Experts). He emphasises how his work was closely related to an overall experience of being in the city, where casual walking in the streets, discussions with colleagues in the office, talking with the locals, and much more, intertwined into an exciting and useful synthesis - thanks to an emphasis on fieldwork and conviviality of everyday life at Gehl office.
With this Miyatake-san continues to contribute to the quality of discourse on architecture and urban design in Japan. That is directly related to one of the key educational aims of co+labo radović - to educate not only competent designers, architects, urbanists, engineers, but to also nurture young intellectuals, able, educated and brave enough to enter critical discussions in the public arena.

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