21 November 2018

co+labo radović    a beautiful reflective table designed by co+labo's Suzuki and Kobayashi  

As announced at this blog in August, the award winning piece of urban furniture designed by co+labo's Graduate Akitaka Suzuki and our final year Masters student Daisuke Kobayashi, was built in Minato Mirai, at the prestigious location in front of the Kenzo Tange's Yokohama Museum. 
Before the opening, their PhD sempai, Vedrana Ikalovic has captured the puzzling beauty of urban table (left) which both reflects, and invites reflections of the passes by. The visits of other co+labo members and more photos of a truly photogenic and excitingly interactive installation started coming in.
Aki-san and Daisuke-san has summarised their experience: "After the competition, due to the (both expected and unexpected) limitation of tools, materials and budget, we had to modify our scheme several times.
Of course, there were inevitable compromises, but we learnt that those challenges were
good opportunities to rethink the essence of what we were trying to achieve and refine the final scheme in a more effective way. 
Seeing the table in use after the completion, we were happy to see that, as proposed, the people enjoy different perspectives and reflections of Yokohama and, at the same time we were surprised at how people (especially kids), with a single unusual table, discover THEIR own, various ways to interact with space.
Going through the full process, we can conclude that this project gave us a real experience and notions on a theme: thinking, making and living public space, which we, as co+labo, have pursued for years." 

Well done, Aki-san, Daisuke-san!

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