02 February 2012

CO+LABO in 2O12

co+labo was invited to take part in an exciting design competition for NEXT GENERATION SUSTAINABLE HOUSE in Taiki-cho, Hokkaido - along with nine other selected top schools of architecture (Tshingua University, China Academy of Art, Columbia University, MIT, AA School of Architecture, Aalto University,  Technische Universität München, Politecnico di Milano, ETH Zürich, Universitetet i Oslo, Tohoku University and - Keio/co+labo)

first INTERNATIONAL co+labo WORKSHOP in 2O12

co+labo and Leeds Metropolitan University (Professor Greg Keeffe) have received a grant from Daiwa Foundation for a joint research/educational project, first part of which will be conducted 22-29 February in Manchester
Diawa Foundation  Resilient Cities Workshop  Biospheric Foundation Salford

Starting position

The city is changing: no longer is it an aesthetic creation, nor purely an industrial powerhouse. It is becoming a living, breathing super-organism, with a myriad of multiple, competing functions enabling the city to dwell within its particular ecology.  As a super-organism, the future city will be defined more by its metabolism, than purely its primary function or spatial form. These bio-spheric flows of energy and materials will drive the new city and create new synergies for living.  (G.K.)

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