15 October 2015

co+labo radović      final tests of co+labo's HAPP cloud Pavilion                                               
co+labo team is making final adjustments of the HAPP, Hiyoshi Art and Performance Project pavilion, which will be erected on 26 October, as part of the Hiyoshi Autumn Festival, regular event organised by Keio Research Center for the Liberal-Arts. The core team members, Ueno Wakataro, Tsuji Soyoka and Magome Ayumu, assisted and visited by other co+labo students and friends, are exploring the best position for their bubbly "cloud", so that it can contribute to the main aim of the Festival, help facilitate communication between the University and its broader community.
co+labo's scheme was the winner at the Keio University  - HAPP Competition 2015. 

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