14 October 2015

co+labo radović         co+labo's Miyatake Sotaro @ Gehl Architects in Copenhagen                                             
Final year Masters student at co+labo, Sotaro Miyatake, took a year off to embark on some intensive internship,  enrich his experience and further expand his understanding of and the skills in making quality in architecture and urban design. Since September, he is at the co+labo's prestigious partner Gehl Architects in Copenhagen. Miyatake-san currently works on several Gehl project under the mentorship of David Sim, a Creative Director and Partner at Gehl's and a regular contributor to various co+labo activities, from joint fieldwork in Tokyo to research Conferences and Symposia, regardless of those are held in the biggest city in the world, Tokyo or at the tiny island of Vis.
Once he gets back to co+labo, Miyatake's experience will help us further advance the quality of our research and design-reserach in the field of urban quality, expand collaboration with Gehl's, and inspire our other students to seek international knowledge and top global standard skills.

Photo: Miyatake-san, under the close scrutiny of his mentor@Gehl's, David Sim.

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