10 February 2016

co+labo radović     co+labo team wins an award the JIA architectural design competition   
co+labo team which has won the Keio University HAPP Competition 2015 has received another award for their design - this time at the "What is architecture of the darkness?" competition organised by Aichi Federation of Architects and Building Engineers Associations. 71 works took part in the competition which focused at "expanding the concept of architecture design". co+labo team, headed by Wakataro Ueno and Soyoka Tsuji, received the Norihiro Ejiri Individual award, recognising its innovative qualities (structural) and poetic (the experience of immersion into the darkness of the night) ).
One of the late-night visitors of co+labo HAPP pavilion, amazed by its structure and darkness of the night, and Ueno and Tsuji-san with Professor Norihiro Eiji, at the awards ceremony.

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