13 February 2016

co+labo radović          co+labo's exhibition 8-15 February 2016 at LIXIL Gallery in Ginza      
LIXIL Foundation has generously invited co+labo to exhibit in their prestigious Ginza Gallery. That comes as the outcome of long and fruitful collaboration, which started with our team winning LIXIL Competition for the next Generation Sustainable House in 2011, which continued with construction of the Barn House and an ongoing support by the great foundation for our research and design-research efforts at Hokkaido and in Tokyo ever since. 
For the Ginza Gallery project, co+labo team was characteristically cross-cultural (combining students from Japan, Belgium, Brazil, France, Spain), with exhibits completely designed and built by students, embodying the ethos established by the Barn House itself. As it included all six new co+labo undergraduate students, in educational terms this was also an excellent opportunity for direct, kohai-sempai transfer of knowledge.
The exhibits were designed to resonate with proportions, materiality and sensibility of co+labo research pavilions, and after the exhibition they will be used for various fieldwork, as nodes of attraction and interaction co+labo urban and architectural research projects. 

Ginza Chuo Dori - an curious passer-by during the installation of the exhibits ...

 setting-up the boxes ...

 and the exhibition itself, discussions with visitors and doing a survey about environmentally and culturally responsible urban development and architecture.

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