06 April 2016

co+labo radović  preparations for the new school year started with introductory seminars 
March and the beginning of April at co+labo are marked by the series of guest lectures and seminars, which are aimed to consolidate the knowledge base from which we plan to advance our research, design-research and actions in 2016.
The speakers included Oshima Yoshitaka (a long-term co+labo associate with strong interest in Smart Cities), Jessica Pineda (co+labo United Nations University Post-doctoral fellow), Vedrana Ikalović, Paula Jaen and Marco Capitanio (co+labo PhD students), Sano-san (architect and co+labo technical assistant) and Miyatake Staro (co+labo Masters student, with recent experience from Gehl Architects, Copenhagen).

Paula Jaen - The Assembly Line
Early last century, Henry Ford revolutionized the industrial production by putting up the moving assembly line for the fabrication of the Model T in the factory of Highland Park in Detroit. Its aim: to supply this vehicle to a society of many millions of people. In 20 years thousands of copies of the same product were sold, having a price even accessible for the operators of the Ford factory. The mobile assembly line would soon extend to other branches of manufacturing, finally including also naval and aviation. Representative cases of industrial architecture derived from this assembly process are aimed to be reviewed in this seminar, searching for its relations with building assembling systems of previous eras, setting out the existent closeness between tradition and industry.

The series continues throughout April into May, in co+labo and within our design-research Studio B and Seizu III.


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