07 October 2016

co+laboradović        co+labo at the 5th Anatomy of Islands Symposium and Workshop    1     
In September 2016 the Adriatic island of Vis will host fifth and final Symposium and Workshop Anatomy of Islands. Darko Radović and co+labo were proud participants in all  events organised over the last five years, helping the founder of the Anatomy Boško Budisavljević and his team to truly internationalise that gathering of diverse group of academic, practitioners and residents, young and not-so-young, who gathered in Vis to think about the possibility of better future.
Over the years, co+labo helped bring to the island a number of generous contributors, including Kengo Kuma and his Lab (University of Tokyo, all five years!), Hiroto Kobayashi and Kobayashi Lab (Keio University), Keio University Professors Mita, Mitsukura, Kazuyo Sejima (SANAA), Tetsuo Kondo, Sano Satoshi, Keio strategic partners Politecnico di Milano etc., etc.
This year a lecture by Sano Satoshi, an architect and co+labo associate, opened the Anatomy of Islands Workshop.     

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