07 October 2016

co+laboradović        co+labo at the 5th Anatomy of Islands Symposium and Workshop    2     

One of co+labo contributions to Anatomy of Islands 2016 was the organisation of a discrete panel which introduced the Keio University Smart Islands Communities Initiative. By contextualizing the topic of Smart Communities as Smart Islands we hope to initiate future collaborative research and development projects of direct relevance for development in island communities and island regions, such as Croatia and Japan.

The Initiative starts from Darko's original call to establish a Manifesto for development of the island of Vis (9.2014). As the title of his paper suggested then, our approach to Smart Communities includes, but is not limited to the currently predominant technological approaches. Our team seeks holistic understanding of “smart development”, by including imperatives of environmental and cultural responsibility and responsiveness. We argue for development of the island which would be balanced with available resources, building upon, confirming and reinventing its uniqueness, in the search of continuing and sustained practices capable to (re)generate the authenticity and identity of Vis. Such approach combines the whole spectrum of time-honoured smart practices and responsible application of the cutting edge knowledge and smart capabilities.

The participants of the panel were Boontharm (Sophia and Keio Uni), Bravo (Uni Florence), Garagnani (Uni Bologna), Imperadori (Politecnico di Milano), Ivančić (Aiguasol, Barcelona), Kobayashi (Keio), Yamaguchi (Mitsukura Lab, Keio) and Radović).
co+labo presented a joint Mitsukura-Radović paper, entitled "Detecting, measuring, understanding and inclusion of pleasure in spatial design".

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