10 October 2016

co+laboradović   co+labo radović students won all three awards at Diploma Design Competition  

It was great to be a co+labo member at Diploma Design Competition last Saturday. 
All six co+labo undergraduates were excellent. The Jury (Kobayashi Hiroto, Ito Hiroyuki, Sano Satsohi, Darko Radović, Kishimoto Tatsuya and Jorge Almázan) gave all three awards to co+labo students - Mikogami Mayuko (1), Yamashita Yohei (2), and Onishi Keitaro (3). Works of Kobayashi Daisuke, Takasu Yukie and Morimoto Mei was of similar quality, generating a lot of discussion and positive comments.

co+labo was, again, at the epicentre of the event, with our students passionately debating, sometimes strongly opposed ideas. Their willingness and ability to debate, the capacity to formulate and defend ideas in a collegial, friendly, yet strong and uncompromising way was another quality of the last evenings event which we have never had before. That shook a deeply entrenched stereotype that “Japanese students never question authority”, showing that how continuing emphasis on critical thinking is bringing the results, which get well expressed in both design and in words.
Drawings by (top line, from the left) Mikogami Mayuko, Yamashita Yohei, Onishi Keitaro, (bottom line, from the left) Kobayashi Daisuke, Morimoto Mei, and Takasu Yukie.

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