12 October 2016

co+laboradović     three new issues of co+labo magazine urbophilia      

co+labo has recently published three new issues of our irregular newsletter/magazine urbophilia

urbophilia 06 (editor Vedrana Ikalović, co+labo PhD student) focuses at the recent boom in construction of residential high-rise buildings in Tokyo. It brings together one hundred examples of extra high residential buildings which were built the period 1985-2015. The examples were compiled and analysed by undergraduate students of Theories of Architecture and Urban Design.  

urbophilia 07 (editor Marco Capitanio, co+labo PhD GESL student) entitled West of Japan, East of Europe focuses at the work of Bruno Taut and, in particular, his Villa Hyuga in Atami, Japan (1936). The magazine brings essays by Marco Capitanio and Darko Radvić and extracts from their discussion on Taut's work with Kengo Kuma, along with selected photos of Villa Hyuga by Dave Clough and a set of detailed technical drawings of that building by Marco Capitanio and co+labo students. This issue of urbophilia was inaugurated on 9 September 2016, as a catalogue of an exhibition on Taut at Università IUAV in Venice. 

urbophilia 08 (editor Davisi Boontharm, co+labo Associate), entitled inVISible, presents a series of watercolours by Davisi Boontharm, Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban design at Sophia University and Keio. These paintings are part of her visual explorations of spatial quality, an original Sketch and Script research method in which she combines standard methods of urban explorations with intuitive, artistic excursions into the subjective, subliminal findings. urbophilia 08 was inaugurated as a catalogue of the exhibition inVISible at the Vis Cultural Centre, on 15 September 2016.
All issues of urbophilia are available from co+laboradović by request. pdf versions will soon be available at this blog and co+labo web site: www.radovic.sd.keio.ac.jp             

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