19 April 2017

co+labo radović Alison Young@co+labo: "On Precariousness, Public Culture+the 'Open City'"
Professor Alison Young delivered a research seminar in which she discussed how anxieties about the vulnerability of the city resonate within experiences of urban public spaces and public cultures such as graffiti and street art. For a number of years she has been researching the ways in which illicit place-making cultural practices, in cities such as London, Melbourne, New York, Berlin and Paris, have been regarded as social problems to be contained and controlled. Alison's recent investigations have expanded to examine a broader landscape of contestation around the production and maintenance of certain urban ‘atmospheres’. Her interests are both in moving through the changing neighbourhoods of the city, and in tracking change within neighbourhoods over time, in order to propose ways in which we can encounter urban environments as citizens and wayfarers, and achieve a more complex understanding of openness in the contemporary city.

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