19 April 2017

co+labo radović   co+labo opens research fieldwork training with Professor Leonardo Chiesi 
With an introductory, highly stimulating lecture visiting professor Leonardo Chiesi has started co+labo fieldwork research training programme, conducted within the framework of our broad investigations of Smart(er) Communities.
Leonardo brings in selected sociological perspectives, with a aim to add quality to established strengths of our laboratory and Keio practices of teaching, learning and investigating production of space.  
All co+labo students are taking part in this training, the fieldwork component of which is loosely structured around four projects: "The potential of play in recycling of infrastructural urban landscapes" which focuses at Akihabara (Alice Covatta), "Contested urban landscapes" in Shibuya (Ana Medina), "Impact of safety measures on spatial usage and perception" in the vicinity of selected embassy compounds in Tokyo (Ivan Filipović) and  "Discretionary activities: transactions between people and urban environments" in Taito-ku (Vedrana Ikalović).
Professor Chiesi's programme include intensive consultations with co+labo researchers and PhD students, which hold promise for further collaboration and are expected to generate a number of joint research publications.   

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