22 August 2017

co+labo radović      congratulations to our old friend: great recognition of Jan Gehl's work      
We have received a great news from Helle SøholtFounding Partner and CEO of Gehl Architects. Jan Gehl has received yet another recognition of his contribution to urbanism, this time - specifically to his city of Copenhagen. In Helle's own words: "Copenhagen is celebrating it’s 850th birthday this year, and our very own Jan Gehl has been selected as 1 out of 10 influential people through history, who have contributed to the Copenhagen story, alongside people like Absalon (the founder of the city), King Christian IV, Holberg, Thorvaldsen, Rahbek, Carl Jakobsen (Founder of Carlsberg), Bang, Weel and Weidekamp. A pretty esteemed party!"
If you happen to be in Copenhagen in the first part of September - join some of the events celebrating the anniversary of the Danish capital city and its greatest citizens.
A warm co+labo congratulation to Jan, with a photo commemorating one of the meeting and discussions our future collaboration (Darko is an Contextual Research Expert at Gehls, while Davisi translates his books to Thai language.) 

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