25 October 2017

co+labo radović    on co+labo double degree students in Barcelona, Milano and Stockholm    
Four co+labo Masters students are currently doing their double degree studies. After completing the course at Politecnico di Milano, Akitaka Suzuki is working as an intern at the Miralles-Tagliabue EMBT office in Barcelona, as a member of design development team for the Centre for Biodiversity in Reshau, Germany, in particular modifications of the competition-winning proposal (below), morphological studies, materialisation and definition of the strategic view-lines. 
Ayumu Magome has finished his first semester at Politecnico - with a winning scheme at the ABC's Sustainable Multidisciplinary Design Process Studio (below).
Shohei Yamashita, followed the steps of Aki-san and Ayumu-san. He is starting research into the relationship between morphology, typology and technology and trying to combine the demanding studies at Lecco with pleasures of life - by bringing in the co+labo's dérive technique and his own sensibility for investigation of urban secrets (below).
Mei Morimoto, also started her Double Degree in autumn semester - at KTH School of Architecture in Stockholm. Within the Sustainable Urban Planning and Design project she was a member of the team working on a strategy for development of Huddinge (south Stockholm; see below).
Besides that, Mei-san recently visited Copenhagen, to attend a very special lecture by Jan Gehl, with which the old co+labo friend celebrated his selection among the top ten most influential citizens of Copenhagen - ever
This blog will be bringing news about co+labo members abroad, as we receive them.

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