29 January 2018

co+labo radović      co+labo@City and Senses workshop@National University of Singapore  
Darko was invited to, as a Research Collaborator in the project “Multi-Sensory Approach to Ageing-friendly Design in High-Density Contexts” conducted at the National University of Singapore, give a lecture within the inaugural City and Senses Workshop. Focusing on multi-sensory approaches to urbanism, Darko's lecture was delivered in coordination with (regular, since the success of the first show at Politecnico di Milano last year) an impromptu exhibition by Davisi Boontharm, the aim of which was to inspire the participants in the project to capture the most precious, residual aspects of places and practices the workshop was focusing at. The co+labo team included Satoshi Sano, a long-time assistant and now PhD student in the laboratory, and the Masters student Yukie Takasu.

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