01 February 2018

co+labo radović   co+labo exhibits Taut's Villa Hyuga in Stockholm, in the space it inspired  
co+labo PhD candidate Marco Capitanio will present his pet project, exhibition of Bruno Taut’s Hyuga Villa in Atami, Japan, 8-9 February 2018 in Stockholm. The curators, Marco and Ole Rikard Høisæther are bringing rich graphical and photographic documentation of the Taut's only work which was built in Japan (which co+labo previous exhibited in Venice, Tokyo, Milano and Suzhou, as presented in this blog) to the Norwegian Embassy in Sweden. Subtle juxtaposition of Villa Hyuga and the actual interior of the Embassy, which was designed by Knut Knutsen in 1948, exposes Taut's strong influence on the famous Norwegian architect or, in Marco's words, "a certain 'Japanness' that seeped into Knutsen’s design'." One could add how, interestingly, that was an indirect influence, the flow of "a certain kind of 'Japanness' " as interpreted by Bruno Taut.

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