15 September 2020

co+labo radović    The Klis Case days 3+4: fieldwork+lectures+design sessions intensify    
On Monday, 14 September The Klis Case continued with a series of inputs - Sidh Sintusingha and "Landscape Urbanism", Akira Mita's "Biofield Space and Interface", Chanyaporn Bstieler's "Creating Night-time Identity of a City with Lighting masterplan", and Gabriele Masera's "Reinventing Milan's Railway Yards", which were delivered live from Melbourne, Tokyo, Bangkok and Milano. The lectures were followed by discussion and, in the afternoon one of the co+re innovations in online teaching of design was introduced - simultaneous work in six "studio rooms", across four time-zones and continents. Professors from seven universities were "door knocking" on The Klis Case "Rooms" and joining student design teams, offering their comments and advice. The functioning of these experimental collaborative clusters, in which students from various universities meet in virtual space and jointly work on a single project is of fundamental importance for the Workshop. Although not surprising, it was still pleasant to the organisers to confirm that all four formats that were implemented by now and which constitute The Klis Case - the fieldwork, real-time lectures, plenary discussion sessions and these experimental "rooms" function as planned.
On Tuesday after the third final set of lectures (Davisi Boontharm's "On Requalification", Milica Muminović's "Place as Assemblage", Ana Medina's "XS Urban Life", and Alenka Fikfak's "Lie in Between"), it was time to test plenary presentation and discussion of student design ideas, concepts and, in some cases, already drafted concrete proposals. The progress was encouraging and 24 hours per day work in this co+re workshop in which the sun never sets continues ...

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