13 November 2020

 co+labo radović aSAUD 2O2O lecture 3: Matyas Gutai completes inspiring cycle of 3 talks  

aSAUD students have lived up to expectations, responding with interest and passion to the final in a series of excellent lectures delivered by Matyas Gutai, our Special Guest from Loughborough University. The final lecture reached crescendo by touching upon the largest, urban scales and detailing some probing examples of possible paths towards the more sustainable world. The ensuing discussion has not stayed at technical and spatial themes, but reached towards the associated philosophical issues, the questions of ethics of sustainable design, the dynamics of control and freedom, tradition and anti-traditionalism, and more.  That sets an excellent platform for successful completion of T
AUD 2O2O, provides students with much needed inspiration and courage not to be shy when entering their next project. Thank you, Maytas and we will continue this collaboration though co+labo and co+re networks.

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