19 November 2011

an interesting event organised by Hosei University, to be held at United Nations University

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(Darko gave an invited lecture, and the co+laboPhD students Pega and Milica attended)

 not even the deluge could stop the pre-Symposium walks 
in Ginza (with Satoshi Okamoto) and Nezu and Yanaka (with Hidenobu Jinnai - see photos above)

14 November 2011

More photos from the MnM Symposium

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Darko Radović's welcome and introduction to the Measuring the non-Measurable International Symposium, held at Keio University 2-4 November 2011.

The Mn'M project will be conducted at Keio in the period 2011-13, under the directorship of Darko Radovic. The aim of the project is to advance urban design theory related to dialectical couple density/intensity by:
(a) focusing on dialectical relationship between concrete (multiple) densities and (multiple) intensities;
(b) emphasising and addressing the complexity arising from recognition of cultural specificity of the urban;
(c) defining local assessment criteria (as measure of responsibility and responsiveness of design proposals).
The spatial focus is on two types of urban environment which commonly understood as extreme poles of intensity:
(1)    busy public transport hubs, and (2) ordinary residential areas,
with their corresponding, high and low densities and diversities. Special emphasis is on possibility of representation(s) and quantifications of key qualitative aspects of the urban.
The project explores spatial and temporal nodes of urban intensification and their dialectical interrelationship, intensities associated with places, rhythms and the resultant socio-cultural uniqueness. While aiming to be comprehensive in its scope, special attention of the project will be given to detection, definition, recording, representation and, eventually, “measuring” of those intensities which are considered to be non-measurable, such as human encounter, mnemonic aspects of space/place etc.
The project focuses on the examples from Tokyo and selected Asian cities (Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore). Those will be investigated and benchmarked against referential cases from Europe (Barcelona, Belgrade, Copenhagen, Florence) and Australia (Melbourne). 


 first walking tour ... Sim, Dovey, Boontharm
 first izakaya, and the Symposium has begun ... from Radovic to van Son
 day 1 Djukanovic, Paloscia, Dovey, Ivancic, Clos
 lectures have started, Sejima
 discussion Yakoh, Katsura, Honda, Wimonrart, Boontharm ...
second  izakaya - Wimonrart, Sanoamuang ... Djukanovic, Takei, Kasemsook, Yakoh ...
 round table discussions ... Ivancic, Djukanovic, Paloscia, Honda, Chung, Sim
 Dovey, Boontharm, Wimonrart, Almazan

 Mars, Sintusingha, van Son, Imai, Sanoamuang, Clos, Kasemsook
 Oka ,,,
 Djukanovic, Chung, Sim, Oka, Takei, Ivancic, Paloscia, Honda 
 plenary presentations - Sim
 more round table discussions

  technical co+labo MnM team - Takei et al.
the youngest of the MnM Symposium participants (young Mr Imai)