22 July 2019

co+labo radović      co+labo research in progress:Ivan Filipović+Sanja Žonja  PhD seminars    
Intensive co+labo guest lecture/seminar research Semester 1 2019 programme has ended with presentations by two of the current co+labo PhD students, Ivan Filipović (final year) and Sanja Žonja (1st year), and discussion. That was followed by an intensive brainstorming session. exploring issues triggered by third co+labo PhD candidate, Satoshi Sano (3rd year). Discussants included our regular visiting academics Professor Davisi Boontharm and Dr Alice Covatta and PhD students from co+labo, Keio SFC and Meiji University.

co+labo radović    P.S. as at the end of every co+labo project, CDW ended@an izakaya party  

co+labo radović    Day 3 and completion of Keio Architecture CDW Events @ Hiyoshi Campus 
Day 3, brief summary:
- Keio Architecture Students and Visitors Award has been handed to Maroya Horigaya (Almazán Laboratory) by Professor Gabriele Masera (Politecnico di Milano). The runners up were Amami Iwata and Norimi Kinoshita (both co+labo Radović)
With that, the Comprehensive Design Workshop Events 2019 have been concluded. As reported over the last three days on this blog live (below), CDW Keio Architecture Exhibition, Public Lectures and International Symposium were very well received and generated new energy for continuing efforts to help the oldest university in Japan make a discrete graduate programme in Architecture and Urban design.