06 December 2020

co+labo radović      Davisi Boontharm's talk completes TAUD 2O2O special lecture series    

co+labo 2O2O special lecture series - which included Rafael Balboa, Tamao Hashimoto, Ryoko Iwase, Katsuhito Komatsu+Midori Oshima, Tetsuo Kondo, Toshiki Meijo, Satoshi Sano, Takumi Saikawa, Takashi Takei and Sanja Žonja, discussions, and informed parallel programme of analysis and theoretical considerations by TAUD students - ends with Davisi Boontharm's discussion of East and South-East Asian shophouses and the ways in which theory can help explain that urbo-architectural type and its evolution through time. Davisi's lecture, thus "focuses on an ordinary urban typology, the shophouse, a mixed use (commercial/residential) and narrow facade building commonly found in many cities across the world. The differences come from local interpretations of the type in particular cultural and urban contexts. The contribution of shophouse to the urbanity of different cities in East and Southeast Asia is discussed. The special emphasis is on the shophouses of Bangkok, their history and the criticism of this urban form. The lecture ends with an discussion of the potential of this typology for the sustainable future of Bangkok".