24 September 2018

co+labo radović  co+labo presented our ways of thinking+making @Biennale Architettura   
Following an invitation from City, Space, Architecture organisation, co+labo radović had an opportunity to present how it operates and some of the products of our work an the most illustrious venues in the world of Architecture - Biennale di VeneziaThe Symposium and Workshop entitled Past Present and Future of Public Space: Knowledge sharing toward implementation of the New Urban Agenda, which was chaired by Luisa Bravo, the Founder and President of City, Space, Architecture, included Darko's lecture on the ways in which the unique, foreigner-led architecture and urban design laboratory operates within the peculiar Japanese educational system (below), and a presentation by five co+labo Masters students - Magome Ayumu (currently Double Degree student at Politecnico di Milano), Mikogami Mayuko, Morimoto Mei currently Double Degree student at KTH Stockholm), Kobayashi Daisuke and Samejima Takuomi (at the bottom of this post). This interest in co+labo ways follows and expands upon discussions triggered by Darko's key-note address, which was delivered at the Congress of European Association for Architectural Education on Bordeaux in September 2017.
Besides Keio Architecture (co+labo), the participants included Meiji University (Boontharm Studio), Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of New York, Hunan University, IUAV University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Lodz University of Technology, Manchester School of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano, Pratt Institute, Shanghai University, Stanford University, Syracuse University in Florence, Tsinghua University, TU Vienna, Universidad Espírito Santo Ecuador, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, University of Auckland, University of Bologna, University of Cambridge, University College Cork, University of Florence, University of Nicosia and University of Palermo. 
co+labo activities at Biennale ended in the Dutch Pavilion, with our partners from the City of Amsterdam - the launch of their book "Body, Work, Leisure" and discussions about their theme, the future of Amsterdam (and, at the margins, our forthcoming, November workshop there).

co+labo radović Temporal Communal Networks workshop at the Island of Lastovo 
Anatomy of Islands, which started with an intensive fieldwork (at the photo below, with Diana Magdić and Anna Jeinić taking the lead)...

... and intensive brainstorming sessions, which included an extraordinary, international and interdisciplinary team of mentors and students from Kuma Lab and co+labo radović (below, with Diana, but ... without Toshiki Hirano who is, with Satoshi Sano, central to the photo just below this one)...

... and equally robust discussions and design-research explorations was, according to all participants and observers, as successful as unusual. A true "mentors' workshop" helped elevate the discourse fast, thus facilitating both an efficient start and the quality of outcomes.
The Anatomy of Islands was concluded with an exhibition (introduced by Ana Jeinić, below). But, rather than further describing what has happened there, from here we let the photos taken by various participants and shared with our blog provide details about the process and the product of Lastovo 2018.

To be continued ... in September 2019. 

co+labo radović Temporal Communal Networks workshop started at the Island of Lastovo 
Focusing at the notion of common good, Anatomy of Islands 2018 workshop opens with a number of questions related to island community affiliations, the contents of common good, conditions under which it can be used and the best ways to act upon that. The islands make interesting places to address such themes. Due to their many limitations, island societies have always been associated with collaborative and flexible models of use of local resources, balanced with permanent and temporary migrations which require constant reconsideration and reconstruction of the concepts of community and common. Their firm physical boundary gets conditioned by softer, dynamic internal boundaries, which results in complex, fluid definitions of sites and networks. All of that is in the focus of this design-research workshop. The workshop operates in an interesting, innovative format, led by a strong international team of mentors of different cultural and expert profiles: Ana Jeinić (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Diana Magdić, Mariana Bucat (Croatia), Elisabeth Luggauer (Austria),  Toshiki Hirano, Satoshi Sano (Japan) and Saša Ostan (Slovenia). Students are from University of Tokyo (Kengo Kuma Laboratory) and Keio University, Tokyo (co+labo radović) - which participate in various design-research workshops along the Adriatic coast since 2011.
The Anatomy of Islands 2018 introductory lectures were delivered by Professors Nenad Starc,  Davisi Boontharm, Darko Radović and a geographer Sean Turner.
Those will be followed by additional lectures by some of the mentors - sociologist Diana Magdić, ethnographer Elisabeth Luggauer  and architects Satoshi Sano, Toshiki Hirano and Saša Ostan. 

co+labo students at Lastovo are Sanja Zonja, Amami Iwata, Jumpei Kawamoto, Shinichi Nishibori and Hiroki Shigemura.