18 February 2017

co+labo radović   a lecture on "the co+labo way" of research+design at Politecnico di Milano 
Darko Radović was invited to join Politecnico di Milano in the capacity of a Visiting Professor, and deliver an intensive course in Contemporary City (to be presented as a separate entry on this blog). Asked to give a separate, public lecture at the Leonardo da Vinci Campus, Darko decided to introduce The co+labo way: in the search of spatial quality
The lecture introduced co+labo as a rare example of an architecture and urban design Research Laboratory at the major Japanese University, with a stranger at its helm and how, as a truly cross-cultural environment, co+labo opens new questions and attempts to address the topics such as globalisation, cultural and disciplinary otherness, boundaries, territories, exclusion and inclusion, in architecture and urban design. The special emphasis was at the plus in our name, the binding, collaborative symbol from the co+labo logo. He repeated how Lefebvre wrote about "the dignity of bearing the + sign, that of joy, happiness, enjoyment, of sensuality - the sign of life". This lecture at Politecnico di Milano, which was among other attended by co+labo's Double Degree students in Milano, Suzuki Akitaka and Magome Ayumu, along with our past (Nicolo Panzeri, Enrico Sterle) and current (Andrea Bonaiti and Luca Sironi) visiting students from Politecnico, the story of co+labo provided framework for discussion of the philosophy behind our way of education, research and design-research in the fields of architecture and urban design.

co+labo radović      the end of the school year party + graduation of nine co+labo members    
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