07 September 2016

co+laboradović co+labo+IUAV Symposium+Exhibition about the work of Bruno Taut in Japan
Marco Capitanio, a PhD student at co+labo has initiated and masterfully led the organisation of the Exhibition and Symposium about the work of Bruno Taut in Japan, focusing at one of his lesser known and documented works, Villa Hyuga. The event, organised in collaboration with the Venetian Istituto Universitario di Architettura and Professor Marko Pogačnik, opened on 9 September in Venice with Symposium, IUAV Cotonficio, Spazio Mostre Gino Valle.  
The exhibition, which juxtaposed a series of technical drawings prepared specifically for this occasion and the photographs of the Villa taken by the US photographer Dave Clough (whose photos also illustrate this blog post) was open in the period 9-22 September, and attracted a number of visitors.

The opening Symposium included talks by Marco Capitanio, Marko Pogacnik, Darko Radović, Dave Clough and Manfred Speidel, and innaugurated the record of a discussion between Kengo Kuma, Darko Radović, Marco Capitanio and Sano Satoshi (an edited version of that discussion which you can view here). All presentations were recorded and will, follosing the co+labo + principle,  become part of the new edition of the exhibition, the next incarnation will be at Politecnico di Milano, later this autumn.

A number of co+labo students assisted Marco in completing his extraordinary effort. They will be attending the opening of the exhibition, the Symposium and the associated events in Venice on 9 September - before departing to the Croatian island of Vis and final, this year very special, edition of the Anatomy of Islands.

co+labo has published a thematic issue of our newsletter urbophilia, which was edited by Marco Capitanio and will  serve as a catalogue of the exhibition.

co+labo students and their colleagues form IUAV setting up the exhibition

co+laboradović  co+labo@Inujima - design and making workshop with Kazuyo Sejima 
When the semester ended, following the initiative by Kazuyo Sejima, co+labo joined Seika University from Kyoto, to conduct an experimental design and making workshop at the island of Inujima, in the Japanese Inland, Setouchi Sea.
The workshop was organised by Suo Takashi, a staff member at SANAA and Seika, a Keio graduate in architecture.
The workshop included various 1:1 checks of the roof which is being designed at SANAA, and explorations of its impact on broader context of the proposed building.

This workshop was also testing some of the organisational ideas for International Keio Summer School of Architecture at the same location, the possibility of which is being explored by Sejima and Darko
We will keep you posted ...