14 November 2013

the biggest annual event hosted by co+labo, the Mn'M Symposium, will be held at the Keio Yagami and Hiyoshi Campuses 15-17 November 2013
Third Mn’M 2O13 Symposium will summarise the key points of the work conducted over the last three years and look at urban futures, with a noble aim which is embedded in the very nature of design – to imagine and to contribute to making of a better world. The participants of the Symposium will deliver short, efficient, pointed papers based on their research and/or design-research practice, and posters - with clear position, sharp focus at key Mn’M themes, and an emphasis on opening new questions and offering them to the Symposium. The accepted papers and posters present the emerging ways of thinking, making and living the urban in a rapidly changing world. Mn’M Symposium 2O13 will operate through plenary sessions and intensive follow-up group discussions, which will seek to abolish disciplinary group divisions and reach an interdisciplinary synthesis. Verbal presentations and posters will provide the starting points and a background of referential case studies, which will facilitate concrete discussions and innovative, cross-disciplinary thinking. The Symposium will end with, at least, the seeds of thinking that could help further advance Mn’M agendas or, at best, with workable coalitions of ideas – concrete proposals how to advance thinking, making and living better cities.
The participants includeAleksandar Ivančić, Apiradee Kasemsook, Ben Highmore, Christian Dimmer, Darko Radović, David Sim, Davisi Boontharm, Heide Imai, Hidetaka Hontani, Hiromoto Oka, Hendrik Tieben, Inasaka Akiyoshi, Jorge Almazán, Lorenzo Tripodi, Marco Imperadori, Masa Inakage, Masaki Usami, Milica Muminovic, Nuttinee Karnchanaporn, Oriol Clos, Rafael Balboa, Ryoko Iwase, Satoshi Honda, Satoshi Sano, Seiichiro Katsura, Sidh Sintusingha, Takahiro Yakoh, Takashi Maeno, Takumi Saikawa, Tomoyuki Furutani, Tamao Hashimoto, Tetsuo Kondo, Toshiki Meijo, Zoran Djukanović, Yasue Mitsukura, Yasushi Ikeda, Yui Issarathumnoon