23 October 2015

co+labo radović      co+labo organises a Meijo-Sano lecture in Theories of Architecture                                           
Following our tradition of collaboration with excellent Japanese architects of younger generationon Tuesday 27 October co+labo  is organising first in the series of Theory of Architecture and Urban Design guest lectures in semester 2 2015. In their, by now regular, appearance in System Design, Sano Satoshi (EUREKA) and Meijo Toshiki (Kengo Kuma Architecture Associates) speak about their own work and comment on a number of broader architectural and urban themes.

22 October 2015

co+labo radović          invitation to HAPP 2015 and opening of co+labo's cloud Pavilion                                                    
On 26 October, playful co+labo's Pavilion will be innaugurated and offered for fun to the visitors of Hiyoshi Autumn Festival. If you happen to be near Hiyoshi, please, come along and join co+labo's team, the winner at the Keio University HAPP Competition 2015 in this modest celebration. All co+labo projects are 100% designed by students.

19 October 2015

co+labo radović  co+labo in top 3% at the International Competition for Miyajimaguchi Area 
co+labo team having been shortlisted to the top eight at the International Urban Planning Competition for Miyajimaguchi Area, co+labo has achieved one of its biggest successes. The competition, which focused at the future of Miyamiguchi, the community which connects the UNESCO Heritage Site of Itsukushima Shrine with the rest of Japan and the World, attracted more than 1,000 applicants, 230 of which have submitted their projects and managed to satisfy the competition requirements. The panel of experts, including Kakayuki Kishii, Tadao Ando and Mikako Ishikawa, has shortlisted eight projects, one of which was our proposal. As always, co+labo work was completed entirely by students. That is important to remember because this was not a student competition, but an international professional contest, in which young co+labo competed with some of the top expert teams.
co+labo Miyajimaguchi Team+Darko, and the certificate of their success

On 17 October, the public Jury session was held at the Hatsukaichi Town Hall. The three winning schemes are Anetos, Kansai University and Nosigner and Pacific Consultants. Our selection to the top 3% is truly remarkable, especially in educational terms. co+labo, future architects and urbanists, firmly and uncompromisingly presented the potential of radical realism, praxis of eco-urbanity which is rooted in the principles of environmental and cultural responsibility and our strong belief in ethical urbanism, bottom-up approach to thinking, making and living the urban.

                  Parts of the co+labo proposal for the future of Miyajimaguchi

The members of co+labo Miyajimaguchi Urban design Team were (in alphabetic order): Roxane Czarnobroda, Ryoto Amano, Yuta Sato, Moe Suzuki, Tomotake Miyagaki, Vedrana Ikalović and Wakataro Ueno (guided by Darko Radović, advised by Davisi Boontharm, Vuk Radović and Sano Satoshi). At the final-eight session, co+labo team was represented by Ryoto Amano, Moe Suzuki, Tomotake Miyagaki and Darko Radović.

                  From presentation and ceremony at the Hatsukaichi Town Hall