10 April 2018

co+labo radović    Kengo Kuma opens Keio Architecture Comprehensive Design Workshop 
co+labo is central to organisation of the new, exciting design-research project, a Comprehensive Design Workshop for the Athletic and Recreational Facilities of the Hiyoshi, Shimoda, and Yagami Campuses. In the period April 2018-July 2019 the Workshop, which will be bringing together a number of Keio Architecture and associated laboratories, addressing hypothetical spatial transformations of sports, recreation and wellbeing facilities in the area where three Keio Campuses are located, which consists of complex, diverse interlocking urban, community and university spaces and practices. The project will include numerous design studios and research projects.
Commensurate to the magnitude and importance of Design Workshop was its opening. On Wednesday 11 April, the Workshop was opened by Kengo Kuma's lecture Design and Engineering. Celebrated architect and professor at the University of Tokyo has started his academic career at Keio and, in 2009, co+labo radović was established proudly building upon the tradition of Keio Kuma Lab.
The event at Keio Hiyoshi Campus included an official launch of Keio Architecture, the first book that brings together best of students works produced during the previous two years, 2016-17 (see below). The volume was entirely produced and edited by students of Keio Architecture, and is marked by their desire to help establish a discrete course under such name.
The guest speaker and the book was introduced by Kohei Itoh, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, and Darko Radović, a leader of Comprehensive Design Workshop.