21 June 2018

co+labo radović    Studio B presentation concludes the Keio Architecture PoliMi workshop  
The concluding session focused at Masters Studio B work which is being  within the Comprehensive Design Workshop. Joined by our regular  visiting teachers and Studio B leaders, Tetsuo Kondo and Takuomi Saikawa, Politecnico di Milano and Keio Architecture teams provided inputs aimed at advancing the quality of nineteen projects, the selection of which will form the centrepiece of the forthcoming Keio Architecture CDW Exhibition in July.
co+labo radović   Graduation Diploma session opened PoliMi@Keio Architecture workshop 
The opening collaborative teaching session focused at ten presentations of undergraduate students from Radović and Almazán Studios, who are participating in the broader Comprehensive Design Workshop 2018. The comments were provided by Visiting Professors Manuela Grecchi, Gabriele Masera and Matteo Ruta, regular Keio Architecture contributor, Professor Davisi Boontharm (Meiji University) and Keio Architecture Professors Akira Mita, Darko Radović, Tatsuya Kishimoto and Jorge Almazán. As always when design sessions are organised by co+labo, the audience was invited to take an active part, by filling in the peer-feedback sheets. The following day an Open Desk session provided opportunities for one-on-one discussions. 
co+labo radović     Politecnico di Milano @ Keio Architecture workshop hosted by co+labo 
Following the completion of a successful workshop at Politecnico di Milano, which focused at the Lecco Rowing Club sports facilities on Lago di Como (below), continuing the established, rich partnership between the two universities in the fields of architecture and urban design, a team of professors from Politecnico di Milano joined us in Tokyo, at Keio the Yagami Campus. In the period 21 June to 1 July they will be taking part in our ongoing Keio Architecture "Comprehensive Design Workshop for the Athletic and Recreational Facilities of the Hiyoshi, Shimoda, and Yagami Campuses" (CDW).
Following a number of lectures delivered by Keio Architecture local and international partners (as reported on this blog before) since the start of CDW, this International Workshop, which is part of a joint Politecnico-Keio Erasmus+ initiative, involved Professors Manuela Grecchi, Gabriele Masera and Matter Ruta (School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering). They provided inputs to Graduation Diploma (4th year Seizu III) and Masters Studio B students of Keio Architecture, through site visits, lectures (below), student presentations and discussions (above), and desktop critic sessions, with a variety of their specialist, design-research foci, such as sustainable urban design, energy efficiency, human behaviour, building technology etc.