01 February 2020

The end of the school year was busy as always. Two new members (officially joining us from April 2020 (but have already become part of co+labo life), Yurino Oguri and Reina Sasaki have defended their final 3rd year Design Projects (above).

co+labo radović    co+labo members finishing 2019-20 with good Design&Research projects   

Yuki Mori, Muxi Yang and Koki Suzuki (below with Darko) have graduated with presentations of their Research Theses ...
co+labo M2 students have completed their Masters Degree, with a series of well-developed projects. Mei Morimoto and Shohei Yamashita are leaving with Double Degrees KTH Stockholm-Keio and Politecnico di Milano-Keio. 
The final touches were defences of Mei-san's investigation of “The Relationship Between Shop Facades and Affordances in Tokyo - A Case Study of Jiyugaoka, with Comparisons with Stockholm”, and Shohei-san, “Adaptive reuse of World Cup Legacy and its potential environmental improvement in the megacity – A Case study of a football project in New York”.

Equally successful were Xuan Yang and her in depth analysis and creative presentation of “Spatial Quality and Place Attachment - A Case Study of Izakaya Culture in Central Jiyugaoka”, Yumi Ishii, and “The Quality of Pedestrian Spaces along Urban Canals - A Case Study of Meguro River”, Shun Kato's “Spatial Analysis of Public access in Coastal City - A Case Study of Fujisawa and Kamakura Area", Norimi Kinoshita's meticulous inquiry into “The impacts of urban morphology and intensity of use on the quality of urban life - A Case Study of railway station hiroba spaces of Tokyo” and Masahito Motoyama's “The POPS in High-Dense Urban Areas, and Their Capacity to Contribute to Public Interest - A Case Study of Daimaruyu Leading Business City”.
Warm co+labo congratulations and best wishes for their forthcoming professional lives.

co+labo radović      co+labo's Takasu Yukie completed her MastersThesis@AA in London     
Yukie Takasu has completed her Masters Thesis at Architectural Association in London, and will be returning to co+labo her ambitious plan with another Masters Degree at Keio University. In this brief summary she explains her AA project entitled Multi-level Ecology (see images below) as "an exploration of multi-leveled open spaces in high-density urban environments. The lack of public spaces in contemporary cities is a pressing concern as it correlates to physical and mental illnesses and social isolation. An alternate circulation system at higher levels is proposed to enhance urban connections where the population density increases vertically. The research aims to incorporate more than the provision of spaces, by enhancing programmatic variation, where once isolated institutions - residential, commercial, office, leisure, now overlap through these spaces, creating multi-layered opportunities in the urban area. Exploring varying sets of urban conditions, this research proposes an integrated response that generates spatially diverse public spaces.
The work is contextualized in the urban area of Sai Ying Pun located in the city of Hong Kong. The high-rise high-density urban fabric of the city is characteristic of the issues of social deprivation. Additionally, the research deals with seasonal climatic conditions and local hydrological problems of self-sustainability and flooding that are pertinent to Hong Kong.
A multi-scalar approach incorporated in addressing the problem at the urban as well as the local scale establishes the need to accommodate a layered network of recreation, culture, and wellness." 
Congratulations to Yukie-san and - a warm welcome home to  our co+labo senpai.