01 June 2019

co+labo radović    new co+labo research seminar: Professor Peter Rush from Melbourne Uni  
co+labo hosted another provocative, truly interdisciplinary encounter. Peter Rush came to a Keio Architecture laboratory and our Faculty of Science and Technology from his Institute for International Law and Humanities at the Melbourne School of University with results of his research which focuses on urban space. 

26 May 2019

co+labo radović        co+labo research seminar: Professor Andy Karvonen, KTH Stockholm 
Continuing with our fast, weekly pace of co+labo research seminars, on Tuesday 28 May we hosted Professor Andy Karvonen, a Director of Doctoral studies at Urban and Regional Programme of KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Andy presented his latest work on urban laboratories and cities as permanent experiments. The ensuing discussion covered a range of issues including that of research funding, triggered by question: how to truly innovate when the key sources of funding seek perpetuation of thinking within the dominant paradigm, rather than asking new questions.

co+labo radović    Comprehensive Design Workshop 2O19 accelerates with design Studios  
Masters Design Studio, which is this year coordinated by Darko Radović and delivered by Sano Satoshi, Chiba Motoo and Komatsu Katsuhito was first to present interim results of the work which will be presented in July, as part of a major CDW - Comprehensive Design Workshop Exhibition. The Exhibition, a coordinated Symposium and some special events under the joint title Sports, Bodies and Spaces: everyday life and major events, will be a part of celebrations of the 80th anniversary of our Faculty of Science and Technology.  The details will be announced at this blog soon.
The discussion panel of the projects being done in Masters Design Studio consisted of Studio teachers, Professors Radović, Kishimoto and Muminović (University of Canberra). Similar interim presentation of SD Graduation Studio projects will be conducted later this week.