08 December 2012


Next Generation Sustainable House in Hokkaido, Japan
"Anatomy of an Island" design workshop, Vis, Croatia +
"Towards Mature Melbourne Docklands" urban regeneration project, Australia +
"Measuring the non-Measurable" Symposium and Workshop, Tokyo

08 September 2012

a review of our book small Tokyo 
was published in the latest issue of 
DOMUS magazine

you can find the review, written by Salvator-John Liotta, at http://www.domusweb.it/en/book-review/measuring-the-immeasurable/http://www.domusweb.it/en/book-review/measuring-the-immeasurable/

02 September 2012

co+laboradović Sustainable House in 
September issue of SHINKENCHIKU  

The September 2O12 issue of Shinkenchiku magazine brings a detailed, four pages description of 
THE NEXT GENERATION SUSTAINABLE HOUSE competition, the co+labo Barn House (Centaur) project 
and a transcript of a discussion between Kengo Kuma and Darko Radović.

23 August 2012

***an update***

23 August 2012
the co+laboradović Sustainable House is under construction

As you have read in our earlier blogposts, a co+labo team has won the first prize on an international design competition 
for THE NEXT GENERATION SUSTAINABLE HOUSE in Taiki-cho, Hokkaido. The prize awarded by LIXIL included 
construction of the winning scheme. 
The works have started on 13 July and are already well-advanced, as the cold Hokkaido winter is not far.

Here are some recent photos. You can find much more about the competition, the three short-listed schemes 
co+labo team members (Komatsu and Shinohara, soon to be joined by Kobayashi and Sasamura)
are involved in construction works, learning how to truly make architecture - 1:1 scale!

26 July 2012



The Split Case: density, intensity, resilienceedited by Darko Radović, Davisi Boontharm Ana Grgić and Kengo Kuma, Tokyo: IKI and flick Studio, a publication of our major IKI research project  Measuring the non-Measurablewhich focuses on issues of urban density, intensity and public/private interface at architectural and urban scales has been just published by IKI and flick Studio (in collaboration with ichii Shoubou, Studio Seto and Tokyo Pistol). The book will first be available through Amazon.co.jp, and then in all major bookstores.

Contributors: Darko Radović, Kengo Kuma, Davisi Boontharm, Katja Marasović, Snjezana Perojević, Darovan Tušek, Ante Kuzmanić, Robert Plejić, Ana Grgić, Hrvoje Bartulović
with students from Kuma Laboratory (University of Tokyo), co+labo Radović (Keio University), and FGAG (Split) who took part in the Split Workshop 2011led by Milica Muminovic, Ilze Paklone, Rafael A. Balboa, Wataru Hashida, Komatsu Katsuhito, Bojan Koncarevic, Masato Shinohara.

This is a book about the ancient city of Split in Croatia. It presents research of remarkable intensity and resilience of its urban core, which sustains and keeps on reinventing a unique urbanity, for nothing less than 1700 years. The Split Case brings together knowledge and lived experience of local authors, and curious and expert observations of the foreigners. In the form of a guidebook, inspired by Situationist dérive, it offers  three "walks" through Diocletian PalaceThe first is the walk through history, guided by the best of local academics, deeply steeped into the vécu of their city. After that, a number of snapshots gathered during an intensive investigation of that space, recreate the walks conducted in only one of the 88,660 weeks in the history of Split. This multiple dérive  ends with some open-ended walks into the future, presented through an invitation into some of the most precious small spaces the Palace

From the book (part of the visual essay The Charts of Edges, by Koncarevic et al.)

21 July 2012

July 2012
design presentations by co+laboradović students

At Keio, we are trying to improve the quality of teaching in the fields of architecture and urbanism. In spring semester 2012, co+labo students were, thus, involved in three exciting studios. These pictures bring some of the atmosphere from their interim and final presentations.

IKI Masters project - Miyatojima
Sejima Kazuyo (studio leader), Bill Galloway, Kobayashi Hiroto and Darko Radović
Studio B Masters project: Sou Fujimoto (studio leader)
examination panel: Jorge Almazán, Darko Radović (coordinator), Kishimoto Tatsuya (TA Komatsu Katsuhito)

Seizu III UG Project: Jorge Almazán, Darko Radović (coordinator), Kishimoto Tatsuya 
examination panel: Harada Masahiro, Heide Imai, Salvator-John Liotta, JA, KT, DR