12 July 2020

co+labo radović co+labo guest lectures continue with Davisi's Boontharm talk on research 
Starting from a premise that, in simplest terms, research is about acquiring knowledge, this lecture elaborated how to conduct research in architecture and urban design. In Doing ResearchProfessor Davisi Boontharm covered the key components of every research project: formulation of research questions; doing literature review; choosing and conducting appropriate, qualitative and quantitative, research methods; and the ways to present research results – at undergraduate and graduate levels. And, for co+labo significantly, her particular emphasis was on - how to enjoy doing research!
As Davisi Boontharm is with co+labo since its very foundation, to co+labo members and Keio students she needs no introduction. For the record at this blog it suffices to only remind that is Professor of architecture and urban design at Meiji University, Tokyo, International Program in Architecture and Urban Design. Her international career stretches from France, via Thailand, Singapore and Australia, to Japan. Davisi’s research and teaching are interdisciplinary and cross-cultural, with strong emphasis on environmental and cultural sustainability. Her research interests focus on resource approach to urban requalification and creative milieu. She has published several research books and a number of academic papers. Her passion for cities also finds its expression in creative work, with some of her drawings and paintings exhibited in Italy, Japan, Croatia and Slovenia.